Primary Medical Care
As primary care physicians, we view ourselves as your personal doctors. You should contact us to seek advice regarding any health concerns. Upon diagnosis, we will help outline the best approach to your treatment plan.
Geriatric Medicine
We specialize in treating and managing diseases and conditions that occur in older adults. These include incontinence, gait instability, cerebrovascular disease, sensory impairment, preoperative assessment, and postoperative management, among others.
Preventive Care
We offer guidance on what specific measures can be taken to prevent serious illnesses and diseases. We can suggest special programs, dietary choices and other lifestyle modifications tailored to your conditions and genetic predispositions.
Wellness Exams
We will analyze your current health status and recommend appropriate screening tests and preventative measures. Our goal is to find and treat diseases at their earliest stages.
Yearly Physicals
An annual physical helps ensure wellness and good health. It is an important preventative step to help identify serious conditions before they develop. We use a physical exam to see how your body is performing, and based on this exam, your personal history and test results, we can recommend appropriate preventative measures.
Specialty Care
As primary care physicians, if we identify a serious or complex medical problem, we can refer you to the appropriate specialty physician to help with proper management of this condition. We will continue to coordinate any additional care including other diagnostic testing, home care, or physical therapy.
Immunizations, or vaccinations, are an essential component of health maintenance. They can protect individuals from serious illnesses such as pneumonia, influenza, shingles, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis.
Complex Medical Conditions
We are experienced at diagnosing complex medical problems such as heart disease, cancer and HIV. We have access to a wide variety of diagnostic tests, procedures, and specialist referrals to help treat these diseases.
Acute Illnesses
We also specialize in the treatment of acute injuries and illnesses. These range from a sore throat to appendicitis and may require prompt attention to prevent further progression.
Test Interpretation
Our physicians and staff take the necessary time to explain what your test results mean to you as well as what treatment options are available. These tests include ultrasound, CT and MRI scans, X-rays and lab results.
On Site Phlebotomy
For your convenience, our experienced phlebotomists can draw your blood in our office. Our laboratory tests your blood and urine and analyzes these samples to help detect high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and other medical conditions.
We offer on-site ultrasound appointments for your convenience. Ultrasound allows us to view the organs of the body and diagnose a wide range of diseases including tumors, cysts and heart conditions. Ultrasound can also measure the blood flow through your arteries to detect asymptomatic blockages.
Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is often recommended to help restore your physical function after certain surgeries or illnesses. Physical therapy may be necessary when certain health conditions make it difficult to complete everyday tasks. Treatments include stretching and other exercises that help promote pain relief and increase mobilization